Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another small update.

Yesterday I broke the 30k mark. Yay me! Will grab a screenshot once I have the chance, and update this post right here.

As for the actual gold making, it's been slowing down dramatically. Specialized tailor cloth prices have plummeted, with Spellweave going from 225g+ to around 130g. Sad, but I'll live.
Also, the NW Bag market is back down, with cloth at 9g and bags at 10g. I guess this will sort itself out in due time.

In my post yesterday, I described how to quickly level cooking without much effort or expences. While this is great for people who just want their cooking skill, it's not that great for others who have been making money off of the profession. I'm quite sure that, in a weeks time, prices for the most valuable food will drop, since there will be a lot of new sellers in the market. I've been making 40+g profit per stack of Dragonfins, so it'll be a shame if they go down.

I recently started leveling my second alchemist aswell. My death knight is about to hit 80, and I already have 430+ jewelcrafting on it, so another epic gem transmuter would go nicely with it. At least I know it will make me decent gold per day.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cooking skill for free? Yes please.

As most of you know, the new world event "Pilgrim's Bounty" just started. This holiday is all about the food, both the cooking and the eating of different types of food. And the best part about this, is that you can level your cooking from 1 - 350 with items mostly only gotten from vendors. This is how you go about doing this.

First things first, you need to go grab the tome of cooking recipes. Depending on your faction, you need either this one if you are alliance, or this one if you are horde. Both of those tomes contain five different recipes: Spice Bread Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Chutney, Candied Sweet Potato and Slow-Roasted Turkey. Since I've done the horde version, I'll stick to linking horde recipes and where to get the ingredients. It's identical for the alliance anyway, with the exception of where to find the ingredients, but you should be able to figure out that yourself.

For the Spice Bread, you need Simple Flour and Mild Spices. You can get this from a nearby vendor. I would advise you to go to the Undercity area, because the next part requires you to be there. Just buy 14 stacks of each, and cook up all of them. This should leave you with 70xSpice Bread. When this is done, learn the Spice Bread Stuffing recipe, get Autumnal Herbs from the vendor, and make 70 of those aswell. Remember to train cooking when you hit 75. Get to at least 100 skill on this one.

Once you hit 100 cooking, learn the Pumpkin Pie recipe, buy 70 pumpkins and the same amount of honey from the nearby vendor, and make it all. Remember to train cooking at 125, so no skill goes to waste. You need to reach 160 skill.

Next step, Orgrimmar. Go to the festival area, grab 70 cranberries, the same amount of honey, learn the Cranberry Chutney recipe, and make them all. No need to train cooking for this one, but make sure to reach at least 220 skill for this.

After this, you'll be heading to Thunder Bluff. Run to the festival area, grab 60 Sweet Potatos, and the same amount of honey and autumnal herbs. Cook it all, and make sure to reach 280 skill. Remember to train cooking before you start this.

Lastly, you need to head to the Undercity again, or more accurately, Tirisfal Glades. The last recipe is the only one that requires you to kill things, but the droprate of the meat is 100%, and the turkeys are everywhere. Farm whatever amount of turkeys you desire, buy the appropriate amount of autumnal herbs and twice the honey (since you need 2xHoney for this one), and get cookin'. This should take you all the way to 350 cooking. Grats with your new cooking skill and achievments.

If you want to make some gold out of this (or XP if you're not level 80), save all the food you cook and do the dailys in the different areas. All they require is for you to hand in whatever food you've cooked. It's not a lot of gold, but it more than covers whatever you've spent on cooking, with some coins to spare.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'd rather be stocking.

The new trend on my realm now, is selling lots of Infinite Dust. This is nothing new for people who've been making gold since the dawn of time, but it seems with the recent guides on for example MMO-Champion, there are new people in the market that wants to try to reach the gold cap. The end result? They're all losing money.

Infinite Dust used to sell for 2.5g - 3g per single dust not too long ago. The new price? 1.5g - 1.8g. You can even buy stacks of 20 for under 1.5g per dust. This is so cheap, I'm barely making gold from the Saronite Shuffle. And that was hard enough already, with Saronite Ore prices recently rising, probably as a direct result of patch 3.3 and how close it is.

It's not all bad though. I'm now grabbing any stack I find where the price is under 1.5g per dust. Any dust I'm making myself, I keep. Trying to sell it now would be a bad idea. Why is this you ask?

Next patch, the cooldown of Transmute: Titanium is gone. Which means any alchemist can transmute Titanium Bars for the low price of 8 Saronite Bars per Titanium bar. This will cause a high demand for Saronite ore and bars, which will force the prices up on both on the AH. With this change in price, the Saronite shuffle is no longer profitable, which means people will stop doing it. And seeing as this probably is the main source for infinte dust, you will see less dust on the AH, and prices will rise on what dust is there.

For now I'll be stocking up both on Saronite Ore and Infinite Dust. I see no reason for selling this right now, when in just a couple of weeks, it'll probably be worth more than twice of what it is now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A milestone.

Hey everyone, and sorry for not having posted in a while. My computer at work broke down, and had to be fixed. Got it back from service today, finally. Feels like I've been weeks without.

I've managed to sneak in a few hours of WoW at home this week, and a few things has happened.
  • The netherweave bag market is back, wohoo. After a lot of work, it's now back at 8-10g/stack of netherweave, and 15-18g/bag.
  • I dropped out of the enchanting scroll market. The profit margins were way too small, and I don't have time to sit around undercutting my competition every 5 minutes.
  • Epic gems are going strong. Gotta love alchemy. Been getting a couple of x5 procs.
  • I'm about to break the 30k border. This will be achieved either tonight or tomorrow, depending on if I get to play or not.
Now, many people won't think 30k is such a big deal. I guess the most skilled goblin can pull 30k in a week or two, if he puts a little effort into it. To me however, it's a huge step. Before I found the blogs I am now reading, I was sitting at 8-12k, doing dailys to keep my gold stock up, and I was satisfied with that. I'm glad things have changed.

I wouldn't expect me to break the 50k mark anytime soon, but I'm working my way there, slowly. And it's all thanks to the biggest blogs out there, and my readers. Oh, and of course, a pile of M&S.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Getting somewhere with alchemy.

Not much has happened this week. I'm still playing Borderlands, and have found another great game called Torchlight, so my WoW time has been limited, and the two days I've played WoW I have spent raiding ToGC25.

Anyway, inbetween raiding and playing other games, I have been playing around with alchemy, and mainly with transmutes. So far, I've been transmuting Earthsiege Diamonds and Titanium bars, and both have been very profitable for me. Of course, that transmute mastery is profitable shouldn't be news to anyone, but I was a little surprised that I was able to pull quite a good profit from Earthsiege diamonds.

First, I transmute Earthsiege Diamons on my alchemist. I mostly get just one, but have been lucky a few times and got a x5 and a x2 proc. On average, I spent 30g on the mats (25g for Eternal Fire, and about 2.5g per Dark Jade and Huge Citrine). I then sent the Earthsiege Diamonds to my JC, who cut them into Relentless Earthsiege Diamonds. These sell for 45g on average on my realm. I've been putting them up in pairs, and I've had no trouble selling them at all.

The titanium bars sell even faster. 8 Saronite Bars cost me 16g (averaging on 2g per bar), and the Titanium Bars sell for 30g-35g. Also quite the easy profit. Been doing these transmutes daily now the last week, since titanium bars will be worth a lot less once the patch hits.

While this is not the most profitable transmutes out there, it's a fine start until you reach 450 alchemy and can start transmuting epic gems.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Partial Success.

First off, sorry about the lack of posts lately. The reason for the small amount of posts can be summarized by one word: Borderlands. With that said, here's a few updates on what's been going on with my money making.

Earlier, I set out to do an experiment with Primal Mights. I figured that since they were selling for a lot, and were easy to make, I could make some decent money off of it. Turns out, this was almost true. I did manage to sell my initial stack of Mights for about 120g per primal, which was about 60~g profit per primal. After that though, sales just stopped. I've been reposting my last 10 a few times now, with no success.

After a great run in Karazhan this weekend, I managed to snatch up all enchanting patterns I was missing, particularily Mongoose. Since then, I've sold 4 scrolls for 600-800g per scroll. Not too bad, and might turn out to be my best gold maker so far. The mats aren't that expensive, so it's about 300g profit per scroll I sell.

Also, I managed to push up prices on Netherweave Bags for a little while, with bags sitting steady at 20g+ per bag and no NW cloth in sight. Sold all my 54 bags in one day. Decided to stop selling bags now and stock up on mats for a while instead.

Other than that, nothing new has really happened. Anyway, time to get back to Borderlands!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reaping the benefits of leveling

My mage hit 70 yesterday, so I can finally get back into gold making. But, like I mentioned earlier, spending time leveling a character isn't all that bad. Sure, the gold per hour is arguably not that great, but even so, you can make a lot of gold by doing what I did.

I logged on to my warlock yesterday, and collected all the greenies and the NW cloth I had sent from my mage while leveling. I then proceeded to make bolts from the cloth and disenchant all greenies. I ended up with 87 bolts of NW, 110 Arcane Dust and 17 Greater Planar Essences. Not too bad actually. After cleaning up my inventory a bit, I went to the auction house to post some of the enchanting mats. GPE's went for 30g per, and there were no single Arcane Dust at all, only stacks. So I put up all my 17 GPE's for 29g, and 40 Arcane Dust at 5g per. This morning, mere 12 hours later, everything had sold. And I still have a lot more dust to unload.

While I know that this is not a great way of making gold, I actually kind of prefer it this way. I get to level a character, which is something I really enjoy, and at the same time make a heap of gold off of the things I find. I haven't sold any NW bags yet though, as I'm planning to stock up on cloth before I do that. Also, the market makes very little sense at the moment, with NW cloth sitting at 11g a stack, while the bags are at 12g. Will have to wait and see if the bags will rise in price before I start selling mine.